Installing VM2 on Debian etch


The installation doco for VM2 is highly CentOS/RH specific. VM and VM2 where almost enough to get me to install CentOS, but finding that CentOS do not support remote upgrades of major versions made me loe interest.

So some questions:

  1. How do I install VM2 using apt-get instead of rpm/yum (ie are there equiavelent debs? What are there names?)

  2. Do you provide a repository for etch? I’m currently pointing at your sarge repository (as per Simply substituting etch for sarge in the supplied source doesn’t work.

I’m keen to get this working and setup some redundancy in our hosting servers, but I really want to use Debian.


Howdy Neill,

VM2 is still in closed beta, though we’re hoping to release publicly in a few days. It will be available for both Debian 4.0 and RHEL/CentOS (and because it has far fewer dependencies than Virtualmin, it will be easy to install manually on almost any distro or FreeBSD or Solaris). It’s currently in the hands of only a few of our biggest customers (those with enough Virtualmin servers to make it useful).

Anyway, hopefully, you’ll be able to purchase versions of VM2 sometime next week (there will be several versions for each of the virtualization types, plus physical servers, plus a master version that is server-type agnostic).

Thanks for the response.

It would have been helpful if the beta status of VM2 had been clear from the documentation on your website.

I have now spent several hours trying to figure this out, and have even bought a second Virtualmin license in anticipation of getting it working. All of this could have been avoided if the VM2 manual had said that it was in closed beta.

I had even setup a CentOS virtual machine and was going to try following the install - I guess I won’t bother with that now.

I remain really pleased with Virtualmin, and look forward to working with VM2 when it becomes available, but this has taken a little of the gloss off for me.

Apologies for the inconvenience, Neill. We intended for it to come out of beta a bit more quickly, but I’ve been side-tracked by a couple of other projects.