Installing Virtualmin on Ubuntu 12.04

I have just tried to install virtualmin on Ubuntu desktop 12.04 (which is a preferred OS).

I am more familiar with CentOS. With Ubuntu I have no root password. After Virtualmin installed I did not see the usual instructions as to how to log in. So I went to I entered “admin” and my user password (all I need with Ubuntu+sudo), but I cannot log in.

Do I need to defy Ubuntu and set a root password?

(This is Ubuntu policy “Enabling the Root account is rarely necessary. Almost everything you need to do as administrator of an Ubuntu system can be done via sudo or gksudo. If you really need a persistent Root login, the best alternative is to simulate a Root login shell using the following command…”)

Makes sense - thanks Locutus

It’s recommended to use the 12.04 LTS server version of Ubuntu instead of desktop, because it will receive updates much longer.

And yes, you should enable the root account by giving it a password (do sudo su as the installation user and then passwd).