Installing Virtualmin on already launched AIM

Hi everyone, I’m having a problem when I try to install virtualmin in a Amazon Web Services/EC2 Microinstance (AIM). I didn’t launch an image with Virtualmin already installed, I already have an instance and I wouldn’t like to terminate it and create another one. I just ran the .sh installer and had this:

Continue? (y/n) y
Checking for HTTP client…found /usr/bin/curl -s -O
Checking for perl…found /usr/bin/perl
Loading log4sh logging library…
INFO - Started installation log in /root/virtualmin-install.log
INFO - Checking for fully qualified hostname…
INFO - Hostname OK: fully qualified as ip-10-112-6-74.ec2.internal
INFO - Installing serial number and license key into /etc/virtualmin-license
INFO - Loading OS selection library…
INFO - Download of Succeeded.
INFO - Loading OS list…
INFO - Download of Succeeded.
Failed to detect operating system

I already have webmin and I don’t see any problem with this. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

What distro did you install on the micro image? The one you tried is probably not supported by Virtualmin :slight_smile: