Installing Virtualmin After Already Having LAMP Stack Installed

Operating system: Linux
OS version: Ubuntu

Is there a way to safely install Virtualmin after already having the LAMP Stack installed?

The reason that I need Virtualmin is that I need to create multiple domain email addresses and create DNS records such as DKIM, SPF, DMARC, etc… I noticed that it’s easy to do this with Virtualmin. I already have Postfix installed as well.

Has anyone successfully installed Virtualmin after installing LAMP stack?

Also, do I really need Virtualmin to create domain email addresses and DNS records or is there a better and easier way of doing so with Postfix alone?

Thanks for any support.

Virtualmin should be installed on a fresh server - a server which has just the OS and nothing else installed.

I cede the floor for anyone who might have.

Safe? Yes. Easy? Not even close.

It requires an extreme level of expertise with all of the services Virtualmin manages and your OS. I’ve stopped trying to help people do it, because it nearly always ends in suffering for everyone and folks get a bad impression of Virtualmin because nothing works (because they skipped a bunch of steps or misunderstood a bunch of steps or followed tutorials online that set them up for failure because a lot of tutorials online are written by people who have no idea what they’re doing, etc.). It’s just not something I can recommend.

If you just want to setup email, just setup email. Virtualmin’s focus is websites, though it also has a strong mail stack and good tools for managing mail for a lot of use cases. But, installing Virtualmin into your existing installation is much more effort than setting up DKIM/SPF/DMARC and DNS records.

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Oh, and to be clear, is it not safe to run the install script on a production system.

A manual installation is safe, but very, very, hard to get right and very time-consuming.

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