Installing primary-site itself as a virtual-server - good idea?

Hey guys,

assuming, I have my site which runs all services - including virtualmin.
Would it be a good idea to create a virtual-server for and move all stuff in there?

My thoughts behind that idea is, that I could easily install i.e. horde, phpmyadmin and so on over the script-installer function and make them global for my users (so they don’t need their own instance for all these scripts). That should also increase the security because they would move from /var/www/* - which is owned by apache - to the appropriate /home/* folder.

Could somebody please tell me if this would be a good idea or if I have overseen something?

Thank you and regards.

Basically you can do that. Just need to be careful about the DNS zone. Virtualmin assumes that the primary host/domain name of the machine it’s running on is externally resolvable. Trying to put that zone under Virtualmin control can lead to problems.