Installing Joomla Extensions fails when FCGID is enabled

Hi all.
I have an issue with my Joomla sites.

The problem is I’m not sure there is a Problem. I will explain as best I can.

I have Virtualmin GPL on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS setup using script.

I have 4 servers, one of these is being host to about 20 subservers. All my virtual servers are using Joomla.

The first problem that has not been fully resolved is detailed here That dealt with a few issues, but the remaining one is that each joomla setup now requires a live_site variable in the config to work properly with partial sef.

My biggest issue now is that I cannot install extensions, on any sites that use fcgid. Actually, I can install some extensions but not others. I havent narrowed down what does/dosn’t install yet and have been trying to for days. I know that large extensions such as Kunena and Virtuemart install fine, small extensions such as YooIEcheck work ok as well. The error i get on a failed install is xml file not found/invalid/error (it varies) Occasionally I also get file not found errors, details files it is attempting to install.

From what I can tell something seems to be stopping the install process half way through. After checking the error logs i found that http post size was too low, so increased that (Then was able to install large extensions)

If any one has any suggestions id be great-full.


Does it work when using CGI mode rather than FCGID? CGI still offers the same security benefit as FCGID… I’m curious if it’s specific to FCGID, or whether it only works under mod_php.

I’ve seen a lot of strange issues with newer PHP versions and Joomla running outside of mod_php. One thing that sometimes helps is setting “cgi.fix_pathinfo=0” in that Virtual Server’s php.ini file ($HOME/etc/php.ini).


Firstly tried with cgi wrapper, as per sugesstion. It Works! Im suprised. I shouldnt be as i don’t know how cgi-wrapper works.

Tried fcgid with the suggested “cgi.fix_pathinfo=0” but no joy.

What are the benefits of fcgi over cgi-wrapper?

regards, Cole


FCGID’s benefit over CGI is one of speed. You’ll want to try it both with and without to see if it’s even noticeable to you… it might not even matter :slight_smile:

I personally run many of my sites under CGI, as I’ve simply run into too many problems with FCGID.


Is there any noticeable difference between the resource consumption of the two?

I have read all over this forum that FCGID does behave with Joomla, but it does require a lot of fine tuning. Can some of these ‘fine tuning options’ be suggested please, as I will have at least one site that does require speed.

Is there any noticeable difference between the resource consumption of the two?

Using fcgid may take up a bit more RAM since it caches requests in memory… that’s also what makes it faster.

I unfortunately don’t have any good suggestions for tuning fcgid for Joomla, but maybe some other folks have some tips they can offer!