Installing Freezing on 18/18 Installing virtualmin-base-1.0-63.rh.noarch

I am trying to install Virtualmin on a CentOS 6.5 x64 server but the last line of the log file shows:

Installing : virtualmin-base-1.0-63.rh.noarch 18/18

Nothing afterwards.

Does this mean it is still busy installing it, or has it ‘frozen’ ?? - It has been like that for around 45 minutes.

I’ve since cancelled it, uninstalled and retried, but it is getting to the same stage.

Any ideas ? - Is it normal for this to take so long, or is something going wrong ?

Thanks in advance,



Well, it’s hard to say whether the problem is with that one package, or with whatever comes after that.

If you run “ps auxwf”, that will show all processes in “tree” form, meaning you’ll see processes and their parents/children.

If you find the process where “” is being run, what child processes does it show under that when the installer locks up?