Installed Webmin and Virtualmin on a new VPS... how do I install packages like Wordpress?

I have a domain which is pointed to a VPS I have from a hosting provider.

I’m looking to setup a few “internal” services like a wiki and wordpress etc.

I’m a bit confused on how I install those services inside of Webmin / Virtualmin…

Any guidance?

Hi magik20,

  1. Ensure that you have created a virtual server for your wordpress website. To do this
  • Virtualmin>Create Virtual Server and give it a name (something like or whatever your website domain is registered as)
  1. Virtualmin>install scripts> “Available Scripts” Tab at top > Wordpress

  2. Click on Show Installation Options

  • take note of the automated database name its going to give you for new wordpress tables…the default entry already added for you by virtualmin will be something like yourdomain_wordpress(MYSQL, new database)
  1. click on “Install Now”

thats it, wordpress should now give you the “Famous 5 Minute Install”

EDIT…of course you wouldnt know it, but i get an error when attempting to run the script " Failed to lookup IP address for" ahahahahah (oh well, shit happens that is the way its supposed to work!)

another option is to do it all manually which is actually really really easy.

  1. download wordpress from to your desktop pc
  2. upload the zip file to the public html directory on the virtual server you just created in step 1 a couple of paragraphs above in the automated virtualmin script method of installing wordpress.
  3. If your virtual server doesnt have one (it should btw) create a new database in Virtualmin>Edit Databases…or if you already have a database, just obtain the credentials for the one already listed (password is found in the “passwords” tab in edit databases and defaults to the same password you used when creating the virtual server itself)
  4. extract the wordpress zip file in Virtualmin>File Manager
  5. Make sure that your dns is resolving to your new virtual server (ie
  6. navigate to your domain as instructed in… the “famous 5 minute install” and perform the installation process.

Welcome to the community @magik20. In Virtualmin | Install Scripts you have one-click (well, almost :slightly_smiling_face:) options to install Wordpress etc.

For a company wiki, I would recommend TikiWiki (see over Wordpress and the rest but that’s a subject for a separate discussion. With Virtualmin GPL, you could quickly and conveniently install seven popular scripts / apps and with Virtualmin Pro, many more are on offer.

Thanks for the responses!

I am stuck on an issue before virtualmin would let me install new server.

A problem was found with your Postfix virtual maps : No map sources were found in the [Postfix configuration]

Any advice on how to fix this?

It might be a good idea to start a seperate thread for this, as the discussion is unrelated to the topic of this thread.

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