Installed virtualmin pro from scratch - webmin cannot upgrade stuck at 1.510 on centos 5.5

Strangest thing… After having installed virtualmin pro on base spec systems, only once has webmin configuration shown panel shown the upgrade webmin button.
Current install attempt is on clean centos 5.5 and webmin is at 1.510

previously attempts were with debian lenny and webmin would stick at 1.517. One of the installations came up with the button and was subsequently updated to 1.520.
I’ve updated everything using system and webmin/virtualmin but that button just doesn’t want to show itself!!

Any ideas what this might be??

Hmm… I’m not sure that you’re seeing anything unusual. The most recent version of Webmin in the CentOS repository is actually 1.510. You can view the most recent version by scrolling to the very bottom of this URL:

(use your serial # as a username, your license key as the password)

Debian had at one point been given a newer Webmin version to solve a specific problem, but the other distros weren’t given that version.

Webmin version 1.520 was released at the end of August, as can be seen on – but that hasn’t yet been packaged for the Virtualmin repositories.

It should be here soon though!

So, you should be getting an upgrade in the next few weeks… keep an eye out in the repository, once 1.520 shows up in the Virtualmin repository, you should be able to upgrade to that using the GUI.