Installed scripts changing directory

Operating system: Debian 10
OS version: 10.9

Hello, hope everyone doing well. I need a help with directories, so im using “installed scripts” for installing phpmyadmin, however when i installed it, it makes a folder on public_html and i cant find out how to change the directory, how can i do that?

Why would you do that?

The reason it installs it there is so that the access address is thatdomain/phpmyadmin and it’s easy to get to.


Hi, well normally this function in virtualmin is designed to be like that and I even encourage this to use it - however you can make sure only your ip address can access this part - if you on same lan, just allow any ip from lan if you are not you can setup something like openvpn to access it… it depends of your needs. What I used to do it was locked down pma with htaccess file to my lan IP but nova days I use ssl client cert. Basically you apply htaccess to redirect and allow only https and use your client cert to authenticate = if no valid cert found on your device - you will have an error page no matter what you do.

Another way is to install pma on your system manually, just download it, do your salt/hash settings and you are done. If that is outside of domain like your private folder, let apache know where it is sitting - I can help you with that if you need it but there is plenty articles how to do this. In anyway you decide, I am free for paid consultation regards custom install of pma into your system.

have nice day.

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Can i put the phpmyadmin to an alias domain like this? and do i have to do it manually? i cant find the “installed scripts” feature for aliases. Thanks for the answer tho :slight_smile:

@rewarr my last reply on this forum as I learned my lesson to keep quiet here… yes you can, create subserver and install it there(in public_html) with virtualmin install scripts if not doable just manually download there, upack it and change hashes and you good to do :wink:

have good day everyone. bye.

That doesn’t make sense. How could you install scripts on an alias? An alias is just another name for an existing site.

You can choose what subdirectory to install a script into and whether to install into a subdirectory at all, on the form when installing the script. So, I don’t think I understand what you’re asking…as it seems like it should be obvious how to do what I think you’re asking how to do just looking at the Install Scripts interface and reading all the options…so, I guess I don’t understand what you’re trying to do.

@Joe person was asking to install on location ~/username so no regular script kiddies search for it, I would guess for security reasons which I can only admire however htaccess can make it very nice secure and also ssl client cert will lock it down like ssh keys to ssh… - if that makes any sense ? it was all about security…

They are? I don’t see anything about why or what they want to change it do. I think I still don’t understand the question.

But, the subdirectory is configurable. It obviously has to live in the web root for the domain, though. It’d be pointless complexity for no benefit to do anything else, I think.

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@Joe I agree, what I would do by myself - create normal subdomain(subserver) deploy my own ssl with ssl client cert and install it there… problem would be solved… in very nice and secure way… he/she was asking about custom location and its possible even outside of root dir… yes it might have complications - but user is and willing to deal with it - however it means more secure way to deploy it… - im not challenging you nor anyone else, I just said it is possible. sorry.

Apparently, this person wants to change the directory to install phpmyadmin to because he thinks it will somehow make it more secure.

It won’t of course, but that seems to be what he thinks.

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