Installed PHP 5.4 and Mysql 5.5

I upgraded my Virtualmin box to PHP5.4 and Mysql5.5 then created a new virtual server w/db. Restarted Apache and Mysql. No errors encountered and I was able to navigate the site/db without issue.

Can I assume, then, that these two are safe to use in VirtualMin GPL(other than none of the new “options” for the updated versions of software, of course) and can continue to use them? Or should I roll back as I missed some kind of known issue with VM and the updated PHP/MySql?


(FYI - I used remi repos for the installs. Instructions can be found here for those curious :


I’m not really sure :slight_smile:

Virtualmin is only tested with the default packages that come with a given distribution – and we’ve often run into problems when using packages from a third party repository.

So could you use PHP and MySQL from another repo? Maybe :slight_smile:

If you wish to do that, what we’d suggest is setting it up on a test server first, and doing some testing on it to make sure it works as expected.

Just remember though that the standard distro packages get an incredible amount of testing, both from the distro itself, that distro’s community, as well as from the Virtualmin community… that’s all testing that doesn’t occur with third party repos :slight_smile:


Realizing, now, that the above question is unfair of me. Of course if anyone replies positively, then that will likely become “100% supported by Virtualmin GPL staff” in the minds of many, so that is a no-win question from me to the staff here. My apologies.

I couldn’t figure out how to delete this post, so let me rephrase :

On my CentOS6.3 system with a fresh install of VirtualMin 3.94 GPL with a handful of already configured servers and databases to match, I was able to successfully upgrade my PHP and Mysql Versions to 5.4 and 5.5 respectively. I am using the InnoDB type with UTF8 and UTF8_general_ci as the character and collation sets.

I was able to perform all usual database operations after running mysql_upgrade (a mandatory step that isn’t included in the previous link, but I have added as a comment) including creating new databases and date as well as modifying pre-existing databases and data.

Your mileage may vary and the Virtualmin staff only support the versions included with the product.

Looks like I was replying (coming to the realization of the error I made) at the same time you were answering.

Thanks for that Eric.

I hope I have edited my post enough to prevent any unwanted support calls that may arise from my request.