installed FQ Domain Name

I just installed VM and gave it a local FQDN (linux1.local). However, in rethinking things, I think it would serve me better to use something like and have it be a valid host to the world.

Where can I change this installed value BEFORE I startup VM for the first time? Or, can it be changed after it is first run?


Hrm… I don’t think Virtualmin stores that value in it’s config files, I believe it uses that information to set the machines hostname – then later just queries the hostname.

So the goal here is to modify your system files in /etc to change the machine’s name.

Take a look at /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts – and also manually set the hostname using the "hostname" command (or just reboot and that will be done for you).

You’ll also want to make sure you have DNS records setup for your FQDN, which would probably be simpler after Virtualmin starts up.