Installation woes, email just disappears

Hi People,

I am trying to install a new version of Centos 7 on a local server but Email just disappears no bounce and no sign of anything in maillog.

New install Centos 7 Using sh ./ but I found that Usermin wasn’t running. Started that and seems ok.

I have set DNS set up for to my local fixed IP and set the router to redirect port 25 to the box. I can ping from remote (nice tool at

I Have set up as a virtual server and set up a user.

I don’t think a telnet test will work on local network (?) so running a test of SMTP on shows “Unable to connect after 15 seconds”.

Spent 8 hours on this even started again from scratch and I am running out of ideas. Can anyone make any suggestions please?

Thanks for reading.

Probably your ISP is blocking port 25 and i suspect its not only port they block. But even if you manage to sort this your domain/IP pretty quickly will be blacklisted with everyone because you will not have rDNS and your ISP will not give you this option. But if it does, the price for “business” connection plus some additional features will cost you more than unmanaged VPS with any reputable hosting company.


If you’d like, I’d be happy to assist you further over a screensharing session (TeamViewer) to see if we can diagnose the cause of the problem. While I’m inclined to agree with @Diabolico regarding the use of a consumer grade Internet connection, there are some other possibilities that could be causing the problem which may be possible to overcome. Upon diagnosing things, we should have a better idea as to what direction you would be best taking including what @Diabolico suggested with regards to using a VPS provider (a great suggestion for a large number of reasons), but if you’re just learning or messing around for the moment it never hurts to see if there’s a quick fix to get you up and running :slight_smile:

Drop me a line if you want to discuss a time, and/or start a session.

Thanks for getting back to me. I have to admit that I should have thought about and mention about port 25. Trying to remember everything …

But you are correct to raise the point. Sadly, I think that is not the issue because I managed to get incoming email on an old installation of Centos 5 and Webmin and the problem only started when I tried to restart and run Centos 7. I have to say that I am happy to recommend Zen as an ISP, not cheap but …

Peter, sooooooo many thanks for your offer. I will send you an email not from my usual address because at the mo, it is down !!

Thank you both for your kindness.

Hey Peter, I know you were busy and I managed to solve this anyway but your kind offer was very welcome.

As I sad to you in my email, I did manage to sort this. Port 25 on the router was open and I thought it was working simply because it was a week ago. It all started working when, in desparation, I deleted that port rule and created it again.

Jeez !

Thanks guys for your help, even if it was in thoughts alone. :o)