Installation of Joomla 4

I’m trying to install joomla 4 to my vps but i need to upgrade MariaDB to 10.1, now i’ve 5.5.68.

How can i upgrade MariaDB ?


Operating system CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
Webmin version 1.981 Usermin version 1.830
Virtualmin version 6.16 Authentic theme version 19.83-2

That doesn’t sound right. Maria DB10.1 is no longer supported. They’re up to 10.6 right now as stable release with a 10.7 alpha.

Is requested MariaDB10.1 or later…
But on my vps i’ve mariadb 5.5.68.

That’s what I don’t get. Your version is newer. 5.5.68 was released in 2020. 10.1 was released in 2014.

There’s got to be some sort of problem with the installer.

checking here → Joomla! Downloads - Technical Requirements to run your Joomla! Website
The requirements are MySQL 5.6 + so…

5.5.68 is a minor security patch release. Any 10.x version has new features. If an app requires MariaDB 10.x, it presumably needs features not found in earlier major versions. It doesn’t matter if 5.5.68 is newer, if it’s missing features found only in 10.x.

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Ahhh. OK. That makes sense.

It’s possible to choose a different version of mariadb for every virtual host?

No. That’s an unreasonable level of complexity, and not something we’d ever consider implementing.

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Ok thanks, so i try locally this version of joomla.

On a personal note: I actually like Joomla and the way it’s admin panel is laid out. The problem is that if you ever need help with it you’re on your own. Answers to any issues are few and far between.

Otherwise, I’d be using it.

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