Installation of IonCube Installer (for WHMCS)

Hello! I would like to install whmcs to virtualmin however it needs, Ioncube Loader. It would be great if you can give the exact commands I need to install ioncube loader. You might be asking me to read this link first ‘’. I have read it but it was quite confusing for me, it didn’t have all of the commands and it was quite outdated. So it will be nice if you give me the exact commands to install ioncube loader. Thanks a lot , hope you have a nice day!

Those instructions may be older but they still tell the story. The exact commands you’re asking for are already in that post, so instead of trying to improve it I’ll try to make it less complicated. Basically, it’s just a matter of copying one file, editing another file and restarting the web server.

Download the zip or tarball from from to your PC or server. Unpack the archive and locate the .so file matching your PHP version, then copy/upload it to the server’s PHP extension directory. See your /etc/php.ini file to find out where that directory is, or run php -i | grep extension_dir

Load the extension from the /etc/php.ini file. E.g., for PHP 7.4 add this line:

zend_extension =

If you’re using PHP-FPM restart the service along with the Apache service.

Verify ioncube is loaded by surfing to a phpinfo() file in a browser or by running php -m. Or you could skip all that because WHMCS is the ultimate test.

Thanks a lot! That help

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