Installation of a new Virtualmin

OS type and version SuSe
Webmin version REQUIRED
Virtualmin version REQUIRED
Related packages SUGGESTED

I how wget the install file of virtualmin and paid for the subscription
but here is my issues
linux-cpnh:/home/kdmiller45/Downloads # ./
Running Virtualmin 7 pre-installation setup:
Syncing system time …
… done
Updating CA certificates …
… done
Error: Failed to download utility function library. Cannot continue. Check your network connection and DNS settings.

All DNS and gateway info is configured, I can ping
but this issue is stopping me

Not a Grade A OS for VM install script. You going to run into unexpected issues.

Not unexpected issues. Expected issues. We have no SuSE repos or packages. You cannot install Virtualmin on SuSE using the install script (and only experts, with Virtualmin and all of the services it manages and configures, should attempt to install it without the install script).

I’m surprised it failed there, though. It definitely would fail a little later, but the utility library is OS independent and just a file we download from

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So there was a unexpected issue :slight_smile:

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