Installation/Configuration issues

Hi. I just did a new installation of Virtualmin on a new instance of Ubuntu 16.04 on Amazon using the shell script. Everything went well, but after installation I realized that the shell installed a whole bunch of stuff I really don’t want to support, for example BIND, ruby, postgres and mail servers. I removed them via apt, and I think that’s where some problems started.

During one of those removals, apparently apache got included. I reinstalled it. However in working through the Virtualmin config check I needed to reinstall mod_suexec, so I installed mod_suexec_custom. At this point the config check states that my “system is configured to only run scripts under /var/www, but the Virtualmin virtual server home directory is /home.”. How do I fix this?

Also, when I run some scripts I am frequently getting “sudo: unable to resolve host ip-xxx-xx-x-xxx” where “ip-xxx-xx-x-xxx” is the literal hostname assigned by Amazon using the private IP address it got when it was created. I can’t find where that hostname is coming from. it’s not listed in /etc/hostname nor in /etc/hosts. Where to eradicate this?

I’d start over, but I’ve already done a bunch of other custom configuration stuff that I don’t want to do again.


You probably uninstalled package dependencies as well other file configuration while uninstalling the services. If you don’t want to use BIND and the other packages no problem. You don’t need to remove them. Just disable them on boot and they will not start.

It would be far easier to backup your custom changes, make a new installation and copy them back than trying to figure out what exactly is not working if you don’t know what was removed.