Install virtualmin on VM only centos 8 stream

i would install virtualmin on my new VPS.
provider allow install fresh OS only Centos 8 stream and Almalinux 8 .
if i try to install on Almalinux 8 i can’t because OS is not supported.
and if i try to install on Centos 8 Stream i have this error

[2021-10-07 11:20:56 CEST] [DEBUG] Operating system version: 8
[2021-10-07 11:20:56 CEST] [DEBUG] Operating system type:    centos
[2021-10-07 11:20:56 CEST] [DEBUG] Operating system major:   8
[2021-10-07 11:20:56 CEST] [DEBUG] Configuring package manager for CentOS 8...
[2021-10-07 11:20:56 CEST] [DEBUG] Disabling SELinux during installation...
[2021-10-07 11:20:56 CEST] [DEBUG]   setenforce 0 failed: 1
Spin pid is: 36027
./ line 323: 36028 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) dnf -y install dnf-plugins-core
: [2021-10-07 11:20:57 CEST] [ERROR] Failed with error: 139
[2021-10-07 11:20:57 CEST] [ERROR] Something went wrong. Exiting.
[2021-10-07 11:20:57 CEST] [ERROR] The last few log entries were:

can i have alternative to install virtualmin?

thank you

i found a way…

install VM with almalinux 8

dnf -y install wget nano
wget -O


chmod a+x

if you is correct?
waiting for virtualmin 7 stable, of course…

thank you

AlmaLinux is not yet officially supported, but as you’ve found, it probably works, given that script with that change.

Look like this works

Also the multiple php versions as here Multiple PHP Versions – Virtualmin are ok.


I did however a mariadb upgrade to 10.6x mariadb repo that is not supported as Joe mentioned, so after a while i found out what to remove as mariadb-devel ( sory not documented, while did more steps that could perhaps uninented to work in a combination) and some more from old version then followed the instructions from mariadb repo itself.
Sofar php and also phpmyadmin recognized that 10.6 mariadb.

But it is a non production box yet!

I hope there is a alma suport in near future but then better also with mariadb in newer version (not alma repo) ?

HTTP2 and ocsp is also working. Used forum search for that and the duckduckgo for http2 ocsp centos 8 or alma.

I can assure you that we will never switch to a non-OS database package in a default Virtualmin installation. Ever. That’s a promise. Virtualmin will always install a database package provided by the operating system you have chosen to run.

We do continue to update Webmin’s MySQL module to be able to deal with new features in MySQL and MariaDB as we become aware of them and as we have time…but, if the version you’re trying to use is not in any Virtualmin-supported OS by default, then it will not be a high priority.

Is OK.

Thanks for reply.

I thought main developer stable of a Package as MaraDB themself should not hurt or break something, where ofcourse the new or newer features is … ?

It is however also not so easy to find out with docs on the web, to many diferencies howto’s that not working at all and yes breaks as warning not to try this on production BOX. Without 100% backups and knowing that …

ok, thank you for reply.

purpose of VM is host only 1 virtual server with Wordpress

after install virtualmin i found installed
apache 2.4.37
php 7.2
mariadb 10.3.28

i installed php remi repository and install php 7.4 and modules and now seems work all fine…

for http2 i edit this file (like as centos 8)
nano /etc/httpd/conf.modules.d/10-h2.conf
#add this line
Protocols h2 h2c http/1.1

and now http2 is enabled.

i hope this is ok for production server, I left other things as they are.

thank you again

Please update DOCS while some info is there very very old also due misunderstanding texts ?
For packages not in OS and some other things conflicting old and newer docs.

PHP Support in Virtualmin – Virtualmin You reply in posts not to use mod_php anymore but on that page . `

mod_php` while still providing a level of security only available to scripts running under suexec. and HP version 4 (note that PHP 4 has been End-of-Lifed by the PHP developers, and should be used only as a last resort, or when the package is provided by your OS vendor, as in the case of CentOS/RHEL 4) and PHP version 5

Bleeding Edge Package Repositories – Virtualmin uhum :wink: [centos/5/x86_64/]

And this is i think very old :wink:
PCI Compliance – Virtualmin

Reaction here while some of that doc’s you need for the centos 8 or you find them if searching.

You have misread that page (and somehow also misquoted it?). Nowhere on that page is mod_php recommended, and it has never been recommended by us. One of our first major projects for Virtualmin when we started the company (rather than it being a project for fun) was getting suexec+fcgid working with PHP in a seamless and easy manner. If you ever find any doc or post with me recommending mod_php, odds are very good you have misunderstood it. It has been my life’s mission for the past decade or more to convince Virtualmin users that they do not need, and should not want, to use mod_php for anything.

The actual quote from that page:

Virtualmin, by default, configures all scripts, including PHP, to execute as the owner of the virtual server account via the usage of suexec. This precludes the use of mod_php, and takes the place of hacks like suphp. Because execution of PHP as a CGI script can be slower than mod_php, Virtualmin makes use of mod_fcgid which allows PHP scripts to exist as long-running processes. This leads to PHP execution speed on par with running under mod_php while still providing a level of security only available to scripts running under suexec.

I think (hope?) it is pretty clear that this is not recommending mod_php, and is instead telling you what Virtualmin does by default instead (and it is still mostly accurate, though php-fpm is superior for most users and is now recommended for most users…though I think the majority of our supporting distros are still gonna get suexec_fcgid by default and will only get php-fpm if they choose it (and they should). CentOS 8 is php-fpm only for the time being, though CGI is kinda coming back it does not make sense to use it for PHP apps.

Edit: To be clear, yes, the doc is old, but it does not recommend mod_php and never has. And, despite being several years old, it’s still mostly accurate (suexec+fcgid is still a reasonable choice, and is the default for a lot of supported distros)…it just didn’t know about php-fpm. We’ll update it as soon as we have some free time.


OK my bad “English” in combi with dyslexia . :wink:

Thanks for explanation.

There are no posts on that page. It is a static web page that comments are not allowed on.

You have deliberately altered that text to say what you want it to say. You should be thankful for Joe’s forgiving nature because I would have instantly banned you for that.

Here is what that page says:

Virtualmin Professional includes a complete application deployment stack for both PHP version 4 (note that PHP 4 has been End-of-Lifed by the PHP developers, and should be used only as a last resort, or when the package is provided by your OS vendor, as in the case of CentOS/RHEL 4) and PHP version 5. Through the use of mod_fcgid, suexec, and php-cgi, it is possible to execute scripts compatible with either or both versions of PHP.

This leads to PHP execution speed on par with running under mod_php while still providing a level of security only available to scripts running under suexec.

Uh did you read my reply?

I do have a problem with English and Grammar in Common!

I did replied with a my BAD.

I did post that part i did understand in that way so posted quoted exact the way as i did understand the whole page about it. ( That use mod php and old version of text while only php 4 and 5 in quote and on that page.)

I did write in his posts so not as post on that static page but here on forum.

Sorry but i hope you understand me haha :wink:

and i started in firts line at the end:

also due misunderstanding texts ?

It’s not possible to quote that page the way you did. You had to manually manipulate it to make it post the way you posted it.

You knew EXACTLY what you were doing.

HAH ofcourse i know and knew exactly what i did, why else i should post!
With questionmark and and.

Only it is not in that way you are acusing me off.
If you don’t believe me that is your problem not mine, also don’t bother to do some reading about dyslexia…

The one and only thing is that the two sentences quoted are looking as one part maybe, but then that makes no sense, so was pointing out the mod php and old version nothing more.
Also not saying / writing as Joe did in reply that it was recomended in any way there. For me recomending is diferent then that line, but naming there in the way confusing ( FOR ME!) is what i did meant!

Y’all chill.

I’m finding this whole thread annoying at this point. I don’t want anybody arguing about mod_php in 2021. That’s insane. It should not even be in the conversation.

But, I’m also annoyed that the topic of this thread has changed multiple times, and mostly in hostile directions, just arguing back and forth about nonsense.

Open new topics for new questions or issues. I’m closing this one.

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