Install Virtualmin Nginx 1.18 PHP 7.4 -FPM MariaDB 10

Hello, I am a newby and looking for a detailed instruction how to install Virtualmin with Nginx 1.18 ,PHP 7.4 -FPM on MariaDB 10.4. I have tried to install it, without success. I am looking for your help in the forum if somebody has a tutorial or detailed instruction. Or is Virtual min not yet ready for those configurations. Thank you all for your help it is always appriciated.
If you want to use php7.4, then you need to install it via apt. If you install virtualmin, it will use the latest version available (its possible that you still need to manually enable 7.4 since I am not sure if that “bug” was fixed).

That is a very specific set of package versions. It would help others to help you if you say what distribution you are using, and perhaps why you need those versions.

Hi noisemarine - I am on Debian 10 buster distribution. If you are able give detailed guidance would be most appriciated.
To answer you question - nginx 1.18 is at this moment the actual current stable version and I same applies to php7.4 -fpm. I am a big nginx fan.
Thank you.

Hi DrCarsonBeckett
Thank you for your swift reply, however I really would need a detailed guidance for my specifics.
Distribution Debian 10 buster - Nginx 1.18 PHP 7.4 -FPM MariaDB 10.4.

In that case try to use google or which search engine you prefer. I think there are detailed guides on the virutalmin page too.
Its not that hard to find some guides, especially with that list.

Disclaimer: really, only go outside your distribution’s standard packages if you are confident with what you are doing. The Virtualmin guys probably won’t have tested their system with stuff outside of those standard versions, so if stuff breaks you get to keep both pieces. There is no guarantee of help or support.

It’s no great secret to updating nginx - I just used Google. :wink:

MariaDB should be similar, as in add a repository, find the latest package and install it.

Keeping up with the latest PHP versions is a little less obvious. I use Ondrej Sury’s repository. He is the PHP maintainer for Debian and Ubuntu. Visit the following link, check the Wiki and then the FAQ for instructions. Caution: here be dragons.

Edit: Just saw from another thread that the Virtualmin guys added some documentation about this. It must have slipped past me as I had been doing similar with earlier versions. Try this link instead:

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