Install Virtualmin from Webmin minimal not working

I am planning to install Webmin + Virtualmin as minimal as I can. I am not using a lot of modules, and I prefer to install by myself what I need (not to many).

I installed Webmin from tar version. It is working as expected. Now I downloaded the .deb packages to install for Virtualmin and Theme.

Dpkg reports an error: Webmin does not appear to be installed on your system. In my opinion this is a bug or I need some more packages. Webmin is running and functioning OK. Any thoughts?


Well, it’s our recommendation to use the script to perform a Virtualmin installation. You can always disable the dependencies you don’t need.

A manual installation is very difficult and very time consuming.

However, if you’re interested in using a .deb package for Virtualmin, you would need to install Webmin as a .deb as well (which is what would happen when using the script).

When using .deb packages in general, they do dependency checking, and to do that, they check for what other .deb packages are installed. So if a package is manually installed via tar. it wouldn’t know that it was there.

If you really want to install Webmin with tar, you would need to install Virtualmin and it’s theme not from .deb files, but install them manually as modules.

While we highly recommend against this, there are instructions here on performing manual installations:

You are right. I should use a minimal installation based on or install webmin from .deb or repository. I am using Nginx, PHP-FPM, PHP5.5, Percona. By default the is installing MySQL Server, a lot of Apaches. I edited the install file removing mysql-server mysql-client. There are many other stuff I don’t plan to use like Ruby, Apache, for me is garbage. Even I like very much Virtualmin/Webmin related to ISPConfig, Vesta CP, I have to install piece by piece to avoid issues with my needed configuration. I don’t like to know Apache is my HDD even disable, or others. That’s why I need a custom installation to my needs.

By the way, Mailman, AWStats, phpMyAdmin, Webalizer, RoundCube, SquirellMail and other stuff related to Apache only should be offered to Nginx users. I have to disable all those things and try finding installation manually. If you look over figures, Apache looses users so fast against Nginx.