script on Debian 4.0 (resolved)

I have set up a virtual machine to run debian 4.0 and wanted to install virtualmin using the script.

The install goes fine if I leave the debian setup cd (debian-40r2-i386-CD-1.iso) in the CD drive, but if the CD is not present the install freezes.

What is it looking for on the CD that it cannot find if the CD is not present?
Also can this be fixed so that the script will work without the debian CD?

I’m pretty much a newbie at linux stuff, but I assume some package repos list for apt needs to be told not to look on the CD, but somewhere else???.

The reason I need to get this fixed is that I have purchased a dedicated server with debian 4.0 installed and am practicing with a VM so as not to hose my server and need a reinstall.

Thanks for any help you can offer.<br><br>Post edited by: terryh, at: 2008/02/07 09:20

Ok I found it. Just commented out the line in /etc/apt/sources.list that related to the CD_drive.

All good now. Installed ok.