fails on AWS EC2 t2.micro Amazon Linux instance

I’m using the to try get Vm working on an Amazon Linux Ec2 t2.micro instance and the script is failing the install.

I’m following the usual installation procedure (exampled here and here) and it appears there’s an issue with the RPM being unavailable. Trimmed output from virtualmin-install.log:

Download of Succeeded FATAL - Fatal Error Occurred: Installation of virtualmin-release failed: 22

On further inspection it appears that the above url is a 404 page, which downloads instead of the required rpm and causes the install to understandably fail.

I see from browsing the amazon directory that there’s been nothing for a while. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Since the requested /amazon/2016.09/ version doesn’t exist and the last I see is /amazon/2014.09/, is there a way to get the installer to download a different rpm and proceed with it?

So, we used to support Amazon Linux, but their release policy is absolutely bonkers (it’s kinda like Fedora’s policy, only faster and with less predictability and no documented practices…they just throw crap in there whenever they think it’s a good idea); completely untenable for us to support, without a tremendous amount of ongoing work.

Diabolico’s right, grabbing a CentOS AMI is a better bet. We have plans to roll up our own new Virtualmin AMI in the near future, but it’ll be CentOS (or Ubuntu) with a few extra packages to get newer versions of some things. But, you can achieve that end by starting from a CentOS AMI and adding EPEL and a couple of SCL repositories. I can’t recommend Amazon Linux for anything. It’s just too unpredictable.

I did in fact get a little frustrated by Amazon Linux and ended up moving back to a CentOS install. Im brand new to AWS and it’s taken me a little while to find my feet here. I felt that the Amazon version may a good idea moving forwards but I’ve just gone back to what I’m comfortable with!

I’ve been having some odd little issues, but I’ve got it (mostly) working. Is there a guide for setting up on AWS/EC2? I’ve just struggled with a couple of little bits and wondered if there’s a guide with any tips.