install scripts not running

Problem: When I try to install a script and click on the "Show install options" I get a blank right panel and cannot finish the install. The panel stays blank regardless of where I click until I hit the refresh button on the browser (Firefox). The script installer was working when the system was installed, but stopped approximately after the last upgrade.

CentOS 5, webmin 1.401, VMin 3.53 (Pro), script installed.

I had this problem when first installed and the IP did not reverse resolve on my DNS server, but we fixed that. Any suggestions?



i have the blank page too in firefox. When installing scripts I switch to IE 7. Unfortunately I do not know of a fix for FF :frowning:

ps this post seems to be in the wrong section?

Jamie gave me the fix… turn off the Firefox ad-blocking add-on. Scripts work fine now in firefox.

I was going to use late night as an excuse for not paying attention to where I posted until I saw Ronald’s timestamp.

I just open the script installer page in a new window LOL that works as well.