Install Root Certificate


how can i install a Root Certificate from a different provider into my webmin/virtualmin like i can in my apache global config ?


Are you referring to a certificate used to validate the identity of a given SSL Certificate issuer?

If so, after adding the SSL Cert to one of your Virtual Servers, you can then go into System Settings -> Manage SSL Certificate -> CA Certificate.


i’m talking about this

but it seems if a user have been on the main site, they have installed it and don’t get the error on the sub sites either.

so i don’t know if i should do the work as 99.0% of all users should have been by the main site before going to the virtualmin site

Okay, so you’re saying that you have this Intermediate Certificate installed in a given Virtual Server, but not within Webmin/Virtualmin?

If that’s the case, you can resolve that by going into Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificates, and click the “Copy to Webmin” button.

That will copy the SSL cert, the private key, and any intermediate certificates that are setup, into Webmin/Virtualmin.