Install problems

OS type and version ubuntu server (cli) 22.04
Webmin version 1.994

Hi all.
I have tried many times to install webmin without any sucess. Many hours googling and fresh install of Ubuntu server many times. In the internet there are different ways in their “howtos”
Every time I try to install I end up with that the distro (Ubuntu) who claims that the certificate is not signed, and therefore Im not allowed to install… what to do… :frowning:
Kind regards, Terje.

You could use the virtualmin automated install script. Bonus you get virtualmin as well :slight_smile:

Seeing your using ubuntu 22.04 server you may need to find the beta 7 script (I’m not a ubuntu user) but not 100% sure if it bug free yet. Check the “news” forum.



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I have no idea what this means. Where do you see this message?

Hi all.
After more seaching today I had success. This tutorial works… :slight_smile:

How to install Webmin on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Jammy JellyFish (

Again, tnx guys.


Absolutely not. You do not have a Virtualmin system after following those instructions (I mean, you don’t even have Virtualmin at all…much less a functional system including all of the necessary packages and configuration changes).

We cannot help you if you won’t follow our installation instructions. There is a beta installer for Ubuntu 22.04.

That tutorial goes completely wrong and off the rails on step 2.

Joe, the only thing I wanted to install was webmin----- NOT VIRTUALMIN…


It’s still wrong.

Ah, then I guess you got Webmin. Problem solved.

But, I can’t understand how following third party docs was necessary. The Webmin site covers installation via apt.


fre. 10. jun. 2022, 07:55 skrev Joe via Virtualmin Community <>:


As @Joe pointed out, you could have easily followed the instructions at:

Above covers installation on virtually any “Debian” based distro including Ubuntu for instance.

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I’ll never for the life of me figure out why so many people go everywhere to get instructions other than the site of the people that made it.

It’s like taking your Ford F150 pickup truck to the Suzuki motorcycle dealer for service.

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