install problem - centos 5.10 - sa-update failed

the following occurs in sa-update

config: invalid regexp for rule __PDS_FROM_2_EMAILS: /^\W+([\w+.-]+@[\w.-]+.\w\w++)(?:[^\n\w<]{0,80})?<(?!\1)[^\n\s]@/i: Nested quantifiers in regex; marked by <-- HERE in m/(?i)^\W+([\w+.-]+@[\w.-]+.\w\w++ <-- HERE )(?:[^\n\w<]{0,80})?<(?!\1)[^\n\s]@/

channel: lint check of update failed, channel failed

perl: 5.8.8

pls kindly advise


It looks like what you’re seeing is an issue with the SpamAssassin rulesets on older systems.

Someone filed a bug report regarding that, they said the fix will be going out soon: