Install on Ubuntu 14 - virtualmin-base unmet dependencies

Installing on a fresh built of Ubuntu 14.04, and get this error.

I have installed the packages that it list as dependancies, but still the error.

the following packages have unmet dependencies: virtualmin-base : Depends: scponly but it is not installable Depends: procmail-wrapper but it is not installable Depends: libgd2-xpm but it is not installable WARN - apt-get seems to have failed. Are you sure your OS and version is supported?

I dont understand because apt-get is working, and the OS is supported.

I have this same exact error while installing Virtualmin today on Ubuntu 14.04.

i have fixed this by searching for the missing packages and installed them manually but … there is always a but … apache is not starting and you will also have to update Webmin to 1.700 in order to have features … option working

Today I have same problem

I have installed the packages in question with apt-get, but was “Unable to locate package libgd2-xpm” so i installed libgd2-xpm-dev.

However i dont think this is the issue because i still get the error from scponly and procmail-wrapper…

Please folow

Got the same problem with that.

I have created a brand new VPS in DigitalOcean. But I can not auto-install virtualmin. I installed scponly and procmail-wrapper manually, event get libgd2-xpm-dev package, but virtualmin still do not install.

How can I solve this problem?

you still need to install libgd2-xpm ,
please folow the link on top


Sorry for the problems you’re seeing installing Virtualmin onto Ubuntu 14.04… something appears to have recently broke, as this issue is fairly new. I verified that the latest virtualmin-base in the software repository doesn’t depend on those packages. That leads me to believe that there may be some sort of Virtualmin repository metadata problem.

We’re looking into it, and hope to have it corrected shortly!


Okay, the issue with installing virtualmin-base should now be resolved. There was a repository metadata problem that was causing it to try and install an incorrect version.

It should be working properly now, and it should no longer depend on any of the packages that were previously causing an error.

Let us know if you see any other issues… thanks!


Thank you for fixing so fast! I installed the packages as described on node/34140 and that let me install virtualmin.

However one big problem, that may be related, is i cannot start apache / fcgid.

I have opened an issue here -