Install On Server With Only IPV6

I am trying to do a new install on a server that only has an IPV6 address. When trying to contact the VM server to download it comes up as not found.

The server support has said that this is because I only have an IPV6.

Any thoughts on how to over come this?

I think - without being too blunt you need a IP4 (A record) to connect. The usual complaint is why do I need IP6.

Why can’t you have an IP4 address? I know getting a good clean one is difficult but even a “dirty” one is very easy if your box is with one of the VM providers.

First, am not sure of the issue here – are you unable to SSH your way to your new server, or — once on the server you cannot ‘reach’ the Virtualmin or Webmin repos in order to start the download and installation?

if you cannot SSH into your new server, while I have no personal experience, I thought somewhere on the internet were ipv4–ipv6 gateways/proxies/brokers that can be used for such things.

and the more I think about it, I wonder if those same proxies (?) can be used if the virtualmin/webmin servers only support ipv4 — perhaps when you said

to contact the VM server to download

that is the issue you have encountered? In general, while labor intensive, I think its possible to use another server (or your home PC) to download the DEB or RPM files from (again assuming you are installing Virtualmin) –, then manually upload them to your new server, then install the software from those local linux files.

@Stegan I can get an IPV4 for an additional cost (I just deleted a server which had IPV4 to upgrade to a better one, without!!!)

@verne I can ssh into the server and ping other sites e.g. google. The issue is outgoing connectivity from the server to some sites e.g. google works, Virtualmin doesn’t.

just gussing here – see if is a solution for you

Reading about it, that might have worked - thanks.

To ensure there are no issues going forward, I caved in and bought an IPV4 address!

I’m curious. I did not know that this is optional. I have always found that when you contract for a VM they come with a IP4 (even in China!) it is usually the IP6 that is optional. Or is this just behind a personal router?

I have used SSDNodes for years and periodically check their new offerings. When I started with them they only had IPV4. Then they had both. Yesterday I noticed that IPV4 was extra and in my mind expensive.

And that is who I am using!

$54 for 3 years… I have had worse!

Just for a IP4! or is that for a complete VM?

The IP, for 3 years thats dirt cheap. Looking at the vps prices I can see why ip4 is extra,

Off topic - I seen some bad review for performance, whats you experience with SSDnodes.

I have had worse - UK tends to be about $2-3 a month.

I have seen a mix Of reviews of the, but my experience has been ok - had a server for 3+ years.

I don’t have any high load usage on my server. Mostly just my playground and family email, a few sites and picture storage. Because of their price I have been able to have lots of disk space and memory and cores. I have gone through several upgrades over last 5 years. Never had any down times and never noticed CPU or Memory usage that wasn’t mine. They have always responded timely to any ticket but I have never asked for anything complex.

They are always advertising “gotta buy now before it’s gone” and their specs are hard to track down so they feel sketchy. I always felt they were one of the cheapest options so took a chance and has been good for me.

A few times a year they have a better deal than normal and I have used that to upgrade then migrate a few times. They will credit $ for unused time to your account for early cancellation. You do have to be careful what buttons you push when purchasing as defaults are not usually set to your advantage (more sketch). For instance my last cancellation after migration defaulted to “cancel at billing date” (so no credit) I opened a ticket and they timely gave my credit so no problem.

I have a one year plan I paid $111 after 20% off first year promo (jumps to $139 2nd year but got $50 credit toward the next year) so before I pay $139 for year after next I will be watching for a new better promo.

I have:
IPV4 & IPV6, Daily Snapshots for life, Performance 32GB RAM [640GB NVMe] - I upgraded from Standard 24GB RAM, 6core, 480GB SSD at $109/yr. When I started with them in 2018 I paid $131/yr for less.

From dashboard:
Processor information Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2697 v3 @ 2.60GHz, 8 cores
Real memory 1.13 GiB used / 570.63 MiB cached / 31.34 GiB total
Local disk space 179.44 GiB used / 450.4 GiB free / 629.85 GiB total

I can’t configure as good a deal with their current sales.

Thanks for the feedback, I can’t trust alot of the online reviews.


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