Install new version of php on Debian 10 Buster

Everything is clean, I have installed Debian and Virtualmin today, and this is the first thing I have installed. Virtualmin installs php 7.3 (fine) and then I want to add php 7.4

I have tried to follow the tutorial. I remember that it worked well for a long time: (Installing PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 on Debian 10 Buster)

Am I doing something wrong, am I missing a step, or maybe the tutorial needs to be updated? Thanks!

It can’t find the packages because it searches in the wrong repo.
Check under the Debian instructions. Also clean your sources.list for the groovy occurrences you have now.

Thanks, I have managed to install it correctly by following the steps

Maybe the virtualmin tutorial should be updated.

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