Install new .pe domain and email won't work


So, I just installed virtualmin for the first time, and everything works great for .com, .net, .info, etc domains.

However, I have 2 domains from a specific country: and (Peru domains) and they each have their own hosting account, but email does not work with them at all.

Any suggestions as what I should be checking?



OS: Debian 11
Virtualmin: 7.7
Webmin: 2.021

Hi there,

can you be a bit specific, what’s not working exactly with the mail. You can’t send them out, or you don’t receive them?

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We need to see the maillog entries to know what happens when you send mail from those domains.

Go to Webmin > System > System Logs Viewer > maillog

Send an email and refresh the logs, copy and paste the relevant info here so we can see whats happening.

If you can send but not receive, we need to see the log entries for when you receive mail in those domains.

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I think I spoke too fast!

Email is working just fine.

Thanks for the help!


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