Install into a jail on FreeBSD

Can I install virtualmin or webmin into a jail on FreeBSD? I’d like to test it out, but not affecting my server’s config.

If you’re interested in trying out Virtualmin, a simple way to test it would be to install a Virtualization tool such as VirtualBox onto your desktop, assign it a few gigs of space, and to install your OS of choice on there, followed by Virtualmin.

That would all be done inside of the virtualized environment of VirtualBox, so it wouldn’t modify your system at all.

At that point, you could tweak it as much as you want, without risking your live domains by attempting an install on there before you’re ready.


I admit that is an excellent idea and something I might try, especially since I have a powerful desktop I could use for this… but this is not really what I am aiming at.

My web server (running FreeBSD 7.x) would not need the extra complexity of VirtualBox (odd that this is an unrelated but similar name to Virtualmin). The FreeBSD Jails system is quite its own virtual environment already with a fraction of the hard disk space requirement for creating a jail. I would like to either put my current server or the Virtualmin server into a jail, perhaps both.

Can anyone answer that question?

I wasn’t “JUST” using the jail for a test. I was wanting it for a permanent solution.

Aha, I’m unfortunately not familiar with the FreeBSD jail functionality.

Hopefully someone who’s given that a shot before can chime up! :slight_smile: