Install email server other than postfix - Postfix sucks. Need a better mail server

It seems that is impossible to get postfix to run correctly on a CentOS5 system - what are the options of removing it (and modules) and going back to a tried and true system mail system? I’n not convinced that Postfix is that great based on the number of threads in this forum and others with people who cannot get it to work. It shouldn’t take days to set up something as simple as a mail server.

Has anyone removed it from this config and what other modules? It seems to be interwoven into Webmin.

I agree.
I’ve never seen a so complex and intricate mail system.
I don’t even know why it is working.

I have just migrated to a new server from gentoo / Qmail to Debian /Virtualmin/Postfix
I was initially confident as I’ve read that Qmail was outdated, but I deeply regret the inherent simplicity of Qmail than never failed and did not involved cryptic tricks and additional POP server to work infaillibly.