Install Django 1.9.5 from script


I am using Virtualmin GPL.

I am trying to install Django 1.9.5 using Install Scripts.But I get the error

This script cannot be installed, as this virtual server does not meet its requirements : Your Virtualmin version does not support proxying

What do I need to enable to fix this ?

Can anybody please help ??
Really need to close down other VPS running django sites. It would really easy if install script works.

I have the same problem and also need help.

EDIT: The problematic part of the installation script seems to be this:

I’m starting to believe that this script NEEDS Virtualmin Professional to work.
Everything I found pointed to a setting for Python Path in Virtualmin, which doesn’t exist in the GPL version.

Yes you were right.
This was verified by devs at

This can be closed now.