Install discourse in an server at home

I now have set up an Ubuntu server 20.04 on a Lenovo ThinkPad at home and with help from here finally now have Virtualmin running
Now I want to set up a virtual server for discourse.
Hope that someone can tell me how to
THX in advance

Additional problem is that I’m behind a fritz box from AVM with chancing IP address from provider!

PS: I also need to set up Grocy ( & restyaboard (
if this is less complicated we can also start with this to get a step ahead and have any success.

I really don’t Know How to start
Hope for step by step
1 create subdomain
2 create vitual server ( which type which modules needed…?)
3 make url reachable from internet ( Port forwarding? NoIp domain??

Discourse is not an App you install on a Virtualmin virtual host alongside other websites.

You can install discourse on a shared server environment, with tweaks.

This isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but take a look here:

THX Maveric
But this link is to high stuff for me
I’m totally new with this
is it easier with grocy or restyaboard as mentioned above?
to get at least something running and get practice in using virtalmin

@Witzker ofc man no problem.

Ok so to start with something new, I would suggest you to make an wordpress install.
The guides are simple, you just have to put the files on the proper place (after creating a virtualserver with virtualmin) and create a database and database user.

After having the files in place, you just have to put the URL on your browser and it will launch installation, you fill the database details and that’s it.
For starters I think this would be a good approach.

There are some softwares that take more of the servers resources and aren’t well fitted to be installed on a shared environment. Discourse is one of these. If you’re looking for forums look for phpBB or alternatives, I don’t remember but there are a few cool choices that you can use and will fit perfectly on a shared server with virtualmin.

Btw this limitation isn’t Virtualmin related, is app related, by the nature of the apps themselves not the web server management software in use.

As I don’t intend to host websites
I need
Grocy ( )
Restyaboard ( and
Discourse (
Do You Think Virtualmin was the wrong choice
should I better use Docker instead?

I found a guide to install Restyabord on Ubuntu (
but I really don’t know how to do this with virtualmin
see also
Install Restyaboard with Virtualmin

Hope for step by step
1 create subdomain
2 create virtual server ( which type which modules needed…?)
3 make URL reachable from internet ( Port forwarding? NoIp domain??

Hi Witzker,

If you don’t intend to host websites, then I would say virtualmin is probably not the best choice.
Virtualmin is good for shared hosting environments where on the same server you create several virtual hosts to put different domains/sites/subdomains, email service, ftp, a bunch of features that get working out of the box without much knowledge.

You should think from the ground up: what do you need first to build a house? you must start on the base. So the base here is your linux requirements.
Docker can be a good choice, or a poor choice as well. It really depends on your needs. If you’re going to use this server to serve that application only, you also won’t be needing docker.

The only reason I would use Ubuntu on anything is like if someone was paying me a $1000 a day to use it, and I’d have to sign a waiver releasing me of all responsibility for the poor choice of operating system. Chose a proper operating system like CentOS or the like. Or you’ll spend your time on stack overflow solving shit issues that only happen bc of a poor choice of shit OS.

About Restyboard install on Virtualmin, unless I see some docs about it, I have no idea what the setup is like.

Why did you use Virtualmin? What are Virtualmin features you require?

Maybe some Joomla sites later.

I thought that Virtualmin will make it easy to set up virtual servers to run each app.
Like Virtual server on Synology.( mine is to weak)

So I set up Ubuntu on an I5 ThinkPad with 16 MB ram to do this at home- instead of renting a VPS
I don’t know or care about which OS ,I can choose another one If recommended.

Sorry, I lost the thread. Ok, so for that you may use docker yes, since several of those won’t settle for a shared server approach. And you’ll have to take the ports used in consideration, so that they don’t overlap. http is 80 default, https 443, maybe spin a docker container with a proxy would be a good approach.

Hi Witzker, in the meanwhile I saw something and I remembered it could be a better choice for what you are looking for than Virtualmin. aaPanel has a good reputation and afaik has docker support and many extensions, I believe it can be better suited to do what you are looking to do specifically.

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