Instalation fails on Centos 8 AWS AMI

Hello, trying to install Virtualmin on a CentOS 8.3.2011 aarch64 on AWS, and the installation barely starts.
Please help, check image bellow.

We do not support ARM processors, currently. Choose an x86/x86_64 platform.

Hello Joe,
Ok, any idea when it will be supported? ARM instances are faster and cheaper.

I’ve tried the official Centos 8 x64 image (CentOS-8-ec2-8.2.2004-20200923-1.x86_64) and I still have problems.

Please help,
Thank you

That one we have a fix for. They changed the name of the repo out from under us.

I’ve just pushed a new version of the GPL install script, and working on the Pro version now, should be ready in a few minutes.

OK, both install scripts are updated with the PowerTools->powertools fix.

Thank you Joe,
Just installed the GPL version, and it worked.

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