Initial server response time slower on mobile?

Operating system: Debian 10

After moving my website to VirtualMin on my own server, I decided to do some speed checks, and I noticed before even doing the speed checks that loading the website on mobile takes MUCH longer, which makes no sense to me as the WordPress theme is dynamic (I made it using bootstrap 4) so its not like wordpress is giving mobile a differnnt theme, but on desktop the "initial server response time " is much faster, what could cause this?


I installed Memcached & started doing some optimisations to the wordpress, like removing widgets, installed a cache & use CloudFlare CDN.

Response time depends on DNS, the server itself, the location of the server relative to the server from which the response is being measured and then lastly on how you have configured the CMS. So when you say “After moving my website to VirtualMin on my own server…” the operative word here is server. Get a better server and you will get a better response time.

You have for reference the PageSpeed Insights for which is hosted on a Virtualmin server in India on an AWS t2 medium instance.



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Now, there are things you are not telling us. Is your own VPS server on the same Webhost as it was before? Is your own server configured the same way? Do they compare performance wise?

As Calport points out there is always a difference between networks, you have the chain of links accessing the site which may be different if you connect via phone or via computer. It should however be similar, if not the same, if you connect both devices from the same network. Then you have things like browser on the phone, how fast the phone is, how optimized you site is for phone browsing… etc…

lots of small things…

Thank you for the reference! you have a 97 on Desktop! that’s awesome.

Heres some more information;

  1. Running Wordpress
  2. DNS is trough CloudFlare, which has cache enabled, and local cache enabled for users.
  3. I have a plugin that Caches the pages & sends images etc to Cloudflare as a CDN
  4. I have installed Memcached to speed up database lookups for PHP

The server itself is a VPS from OVH Hosted in Canada with 500mb NIC, 2 vcores, 4gb ram, its not the server as my desktop speeds are fast.

I noticed when I cleared my cache on my mobile, it got much faster. I wonder if Pagespeed does the same?

Well, I admittedly dunno a lot about the server config, or what exactly to look for, but I do know looking more in to you WP setup could help. Me and my son-in-law do a bit of that and personally I would rather dump WP all together - ludicrous moneygrabbing - but I have learned there are many things to look at in regards to engine optimization. I won’t recommend any since 99% are moneygrabbing schemes, but some are better than other. For an analysis, also moneygrabbing, you could look at GT Metrix

Do you monitor Cloudflares outages? Cause there are…

One thing hit me in PHP setting, OPCache… forgot about that, but It goes for the entire site, not just any potential Mobile version. And enable gzip…

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