Information on the Virtualmin bulk discounts/reseller programs

Hi, to all who happen to be Virtualmin users.
I’ve tried primary email as a way of getting information about Virtualmin’s resellers program/bulk discounts.
I know that Jamie has responded to my emails before, so simply because I’m sending email from my personal GMail account doesn’t seem to be an issue.
I recall I asked a month or so back, and Jamie was going to hand that task off to Joe I believe, because I had many more questions about the program/need for clarification, etc.
I’ve attemtped sending Joe ccs in some cases, in the hopes that I might hear back.
Of course, I realise that Joe and Jamie are busy folks, but I’ve noticed that reaching Jamievia email has always been a bit easier or more likely to happen than Joe for whatever reason.
I’ve been curious before if perhaps my messages were ending up in Joes spam mailbox for whatever reason?
Although I doubt it, who knows-I’ve had some email system simply reject any Gmail messages before, but then again, if that had happened I would have gotten a delivery message.
If someone coudl please make sure Joe gets this thread, alogn with my personal email, that would help.
My personal email address is:

While my site is down at the moment, due to being moved to a new provider in the next week or two, I’m hoping before the end of March that it will be online.
One of the things I was interested in doing is reselling virtualmin products if that’s possible.
Or, maybe offering Virtualmin as an extra option for those who wish to have it, in addition to offering web hosting services.
Most likely not cloud or virtual servers directly, at least not at the moment.
although someday I am hoping to try the virtual market.
Thanks folks!

Joe is currently attending a conference, where he’s speaking on Virtualmin (amongst other things).

I’ll send him a message to respond to you when he has a chance :slight_smile:


Thanks, Eric. Do you know if Joe is still in austin doing Virtualmin discussions? Or, perhaps he’s simply busy elsewhere. But I thought I’d update this thread and see what was up, as I haven’t heard anything.
All the best Joe whatever you might be doing-look forward to receiving an email from you on the Virtualmin partner program and such.

Hi Joe (assuming your back), but I’m curious if you could get around to looking at this at some point?

Just thought I’d update this to see if Joe or someone can take a stab at getting in contact with me on exactly how the partner program and bulk discounts work. You can either email me at Or you can, try emailing me at my new Virtualmin powered email system,

I’d actually appreciate it if someone can drop me off a test email message just to see if I can recieve it properly-seeing as I still haevn’t yet had time to test that to insure it works successfully.