Index.html file Not showing up

Hey, I’ve got everything working on my Ubuntu 12.10 server.
I have my index.html file finished and I’ve put it inside of /public_html.
The problem is my .html file isn’t showing up. It still has the default “It works!”

I"ve found a couple things that give me an idea to what may be causing the issue,
but I don’t know how to go any further, I’ve been at this for hours and hours.

I’m not sure if I need to add extra permissions that will allow the Apache process to read it.
Or what the issue is. Please help.


Note that Ubuntu 12.10 isn’t one of the supported distros for Virtualmin… although it can be made to work, you may run into odd issues like this.

Virtualmin just supports the Ubuntu LTS releases, such as Ubuntu 12.04.

However, if you’d like to give it a try with 12.10, take a peek at the documentation here in the section “The wrong site shows up”, that will help troubleshoot the problem you’re seeing there:

Oh I didn’t know that, well hopefully I can get it functional.

After taking a look at the documentation my guess was that in the VirtualHost section in my config wasn’t using the right IP address.

For future reference that’s at /etc/apache2, httpd isn’t in existence.

Unfortunately that is all setup correctly.

Then I spent more time looking through the config files and I spotted it!

In the “default” config files I was surprised to find that the DocumentRoot didn’t change to what it is when I look at Webmin. I changed where it was pointing to my public_html file and voila.

Thanks for the link, wouldn’t have been looking at the config files for very long without it.