Incremental Backups


I have been using Webmin -> System -> Filesystem Backup which is working fine. However, I would like to do incremental backups daily and a full backup just once a week. When I try to edit the backup or create a new one, I don’t see any option for Incremental. What am I missing?

Webmin 1.610
Virtualmin 3.98 gpl
CentOS 5.9
Backup format (at top of page says Unix Tar.



While the Virtualmin Virtual Server backups do offer an incremental, the filesystem backups don’t offer that option. At the moment, it’s only possible to do a full backup with those.


Hi Eric;

OK, thanks for the info. Do the Virtual Server backups get the homes/user/Maildir/./.mailboxes directories so all email is backed up?



I tested it, and it seems VS backups do get email also. Great!

So, using a combination of VS backups and filesystem backups, what is your recommendation for the best backup plan so I can easily restore in the event of disaster?