incremental backup when there are more than 1 full backup profiles?


I read the userguide for backup already. But i’m still confused about incremental backup in the following scenario:

_ I have 1 daily full backup to backup only files, not media of my domains
_ I have another weekly full backup to backup only media (images) of my domains

If I now create an incremental backup for all domains, which one the incremental backup will compare to?

An incremental backup is only the changes since the last backup. So if you had a weekly Full on Sunday night and incrementals every other day - then to restore to Thursday, you’d need to restore Sunday night’s Full and every incremental to Thursday.

But that’s taking what incremental means from the greater IT world. Looking at backup screen - incremental here appears to equate with a Differential backup - which is the changes since the last FULL backup. So here restore the Sunday night’s full and the incremental of the day required.

With respect to your 2 backup plans - I suggest you create 2 incremental backups. Creating one and trying to use it with with either of the fulls is asking for trouble.