Incremental Backup Question

Hey Joe,

Are these really incremental backups? Or rather differential backups?

I notice that they are stored in the same directory every night with the same name. If this is the case and they are incremental, then it would seem that each night over writes the previous nights.

If they are differential backups, then this would make sense.

John P.

Hi John

I’ve tested the new feature and it seems to add new and changed files to a new $domainname$.tar.gz archive as an incremental job. But you have to take care that your old backup file isn’t overwritten (use the “strftime” option in the backup dialog) otherwise you loose your data.

I wonder how the restore process should take place. Do I just restore all backups ordered by creation date (from "old" to "new")? I was thinking of taking one weekly full backup and daily incremental backups using two different scheduled jobs.