Increasing memory allocated to php

I have a Centos 6 server with Virtualmin GPL. I run several Wordpress sites in it and I’m in need of increasing the php memory limit in one of them or to all of them, due to theme requirements.
How can I accomplish this?


You can change the memory available to PHP in a given domain by editing $HOME/etc/php.ini, and changing the setting for “memory_limit”.

Alternatively, you can make that change within Virtualmin by going to Services -> PHP 5 Configuration -> Resource Limits, and in there, you can change the memory limits.


I’m trying to make a change within Virtualmin as suggested.
My Wordpress theme shows that my php memory limit is 40 MB, but Virtualmin doesn’t show a field for memory limit. (see attachment).

Virtualmin has 4 PHPsettings, which make confuse:

  1. php mod php
  2. php cgi
  3. php cli
  4. in the VS menu

Compare to CPanel which only show 1 setting depending on which mode you use: mod, cgi or cli. Also for Shared Server Virtualmin need to provide single php.ini setting so users won’t able to change it (except for VPS order).

So, please check which 1 of 4 you have been setting your php.ini?