inconsistent results from VM system status and top

I get quite different loads for 1, 5, 15 minutes cpu loads between VM’s system status display and a simultaneous top display on the same system. Any ideas why?


Top shows current output… I believe what you see in Virtualmin is from the last time ran. It defaults to running every 5 minutes, but can be tweaked to run less frequently. But, the differences are likely due to that 5 minute delay.


how can I trigger

You should be able to see the details of what’s being called, as well as how often it’s called, in root’s crontab.

However, you can manually run it by running the following as root:


Thanks very much Eric, that got coordination and I can indeed look at root’s crontab to get coordinated.

But on that same site I had to try four times to get VM GPl installed. Now, when logged in as root the webmin left pane is missing quite a few items. When logged in as site owner the usual complement of webmin mewnu items appears. I tentatively think the VM install is borked.

Also when I have tried several times to upload a screenshot from firefox and seamonkey on Fedora and W7 i repeatedly get html error 0 /upload/js and the net effect is that I can’t do an upload. Ideas about either of these would be useful too.


Mmm, it’s certainly possible that there’s a problem with the VM install. If that’s the case – I’d suggest opening a new thread, and including a copy of your /root/virtualmin-install.log file.

Also, note what distro you’re using, how much RAM you have, and if you’re using a VPS, what VPS software your host uses.


I did just what you suggested, a brief précis of the problems, distro and VPS sw (Centos and OpenVZ) and the contents of virtualmin-install.log, but then a blank post. I also can’t upload an image.