inbox disappearing

Has anyone had a problem with usermin client deleting inbox folders? I have a client that swears her inbox disappeared, but she didn’t do it. She was reading about 20 messages in the inbox, then suddenly the inbox was empty.

This server is webmin & usermin running sendmail and qpopper.


Well, I hadn’t run into Usermin deleting the Inbox.

However, one thing that could cause that is if there’s a computer setup somewhere to retrieve email via POP from that account.

If someone had fired up the email client on that computer while she was logged into Usermin – that could have made it appear as if all the emails were deleted. But then, they’d also be in the desktop client.

Any chance that could have happened?

in our correspondence, I asked about that. She says she never uses an email client program. She also says she did not "select all" and "delete".

At about the same time the 1st user lost their inbox, there was a different user that had a usermin perl execution error because their mailbox size had exceeded their quota. I deleted their trash filw(about 13000 SPAM in it). Webmin logs verify I deleted the correct files. Trash files are stored in /usr/home/$username/mail/trash and the mail inbox is stored in /usr/mail/$username. I don’t see any reasonable way the deletion in one area could have caused the deletion of a different users files in a different folder. qpopper cannot even see the trash files in the home directories.

It just happened to me too. I deleted two dozen emails. I got a confirmation, then I relisted my inbox. they were still there. I deleted them a second time and all my email disappeared. no one else is accessing my email but me. no email client is left turned on anywhere. etc.

this is the second time this has happened to me. this is avery serious bug!

Well, you can always file a bug report using the Bugs and Issues link below. It would be especially useful if you could find a way to reproduce it, but at the least, just describe exactly what you did and I’m sure Jamie will look into it.

Also, make sure you include a link to this forum post in the request.

This is definitely bug-worthy.

I’ll also add that Jamie is going to want to know how Usermin is dealing with mailboxes (IMAP, direct file access, POP, etc.), and what kind of mail spool you’re using (Maildir or mbox). Usermin is ridiculously configurable, and all of these types of mailbox interactions are completely different code, and so one needs to be very specific about how you’re using Usermin in order to figure out what’s going wrong and why.