Improve docs page by one or two sentences - what if "master system" will be lost and its data?

Can following paragraph be improved explaining what will happen/what needs to be done in case the “master system” will be lost and its data?

Virtualmin supports domain replication using backup and restore processes. Replication in Virtualmin is one-way, with a master system acting as the source of truth, and its state periodically copied to one or more replica systems.

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I have missed that links, sorry. Yet I have not enough knowledge to do this particular modification. Maybe someone else can…

In the usual case most of “its data” would be on an NFS server, which is hopefully running on a RAID and regularly backed up. But, even if not, as long as all data is being replicated, then all the data is on the replica(s).

And, the replica system can become the primary just by deciding it’s the primary and stopping the replication. It will have everything the primary had at the time of the last sync. You could also choose to change the IP of the replica to that of the primary or point whatever admin DNS records you had pointed at the primary to point at the replica (now primary) so domain owners can continue to manage their domains.