Importing accounts from WHM/cPanel

contabo basic VPS 6Gb memory
OS type and version AlmaLinux 9.3
Webmin version 2.111
Virtualmin version 7.10.0

Hi Everyone,

I’m getting to the stage, where I want to try importing some existing accounts from WHM to Virtualmin. I’ve come across instructions for doing this via cPanel account backups. Is there a way to just import mail accounts? I’m thinking I’d prefer setting up some accounts by creating new virtual servers using the existing domain name under Virtualmin, and just port across mail accounts for that domain, not any other historical account details (old websites, other historical cPanel settings not needed…).

Thanks for any pointers.

If you only wish to import email, then perhaps you should think of this as an email migration problem, not a cPanel import. I haven’t used cPanel in years, but if you can migrate users, then syncing email shouldn’t be hard.

I can’t find any obvious resources on migrating users… I did a test migration of an account and it did bring cross all the users (mailboxes) and mail aliases correctly, but there was other stuff that I thought would better to not have under Virtualmin, as I didn’t want to introduce any unnecessary problems…

I don’t know the passwords for all the users mail accounts, and would rather not have to ask users to reset them (want to try and make any moves as seamless as possible).

I’ll do a bit more testing of cPanel account migrations.


what did it bring across that you thought was wrong ?

That’s all in the backup, else, they wouldn’t be migrated. I can share the script I used for email when I came from a ‘Webozo’ server. It’s been over a year, but I think I imported the users first and then just synced the emails.

Hi Jim,

I just did another test import to see what was created…

There was an existing Website (although inactive) that was brought across - I could have deleted those directories before the backup was made I guess.

It created 2 FTP accounts that I guess are defaults within the existing cPanel account (one was the original account name, the other the same with _logs appended). Haven’t used these accounts, and wouldn’t have needed them.

When I edit the virtual server, I see a non-enabled entry for Apache SSL website enabled… I don’t see this line on a virtual server I create from scratch (and assume it isn’t needed as the Let’s Encrypt certificate is working fine under the enabled Apache website).

Then I guess my other worry is the unknown unknowns… anything else the migration routine might have done that I’m not aware off (I maybe looking for ghosts where there are none though…).

Just adding this now, as I’m looking more into the virtual server that was created… it didn’t create any SSL certificate, so I asked Let’s Encrypt to do so, it does create them, but warns me that there is no SSL website enabled



Yes please, if you have a script that does that I’ll certainly give it a go (I’m no expert at the terminal command line though…).


Opps. Just the icon got loaded in that post. :wink: (2.3 KB)

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Has this been tested thoroughly? I am considering doing this too. please

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