Import of procmail recipes for individual emails

OS type and version CentOS 7
Virtualmin version 7.1

I am new to Virtualmin. I have the system setup and am running email. In my old email server (BSD/Postfix) I was able to setup procmail to run recipes for individual email accounts. I have those recipe files and would like to import them to my new Virtualmin email address.

Is this possible? Is there a GUI for doing a cut/paste of the recipes or is their a file location I can put the recipe files so it applies against this particular email address?

Not sure where to start or look.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Have you checked Webmin-Servers-Procmail Filters.


I looked at that but it looks like that section is for a global application of procmail recipes and not for an individual email user defined in Virtualmin.

Maybe there is some setting on that page that allows me to activate procmail for individual email addresses but I cannot see it.

set them up in usermin. login as the user then user->email Filters this does mean you have to manually add them but it does work. before you do this goto virtualmin->email settings->Spam & Virus Scanning
and make sure that Allow mailbox users to create mail filters is set to yes

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Thanks! I will check that out. I have forty rules so that was why I was hoping I could edit a filter file and copy/paste the old rules to my new virtualmin email address.

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