Import from Ensim Backup File

If there were a way to import domains or sites from an Ensim backup tar.gz file, I would switch to VirtualMin Pro in a heart beat. I would even be willing to provide a backup file of one of my "dummy" sites if that would help anyone.


Hey Scott,

I would even be willing to provide a backup file of one of my "dummy" sites if that would help anyone.

That’s the only way it’ll happen. We don’t have the budget to purchase licenses for every competing product out there. :wink:

You provide the backup, and we’ll add import capability. If it’s big, put it on a website somewhere…if small, mail it over to me at

I sent you an e-mail with a URL link to download the backup files.


This would be great. Please document the process so that I can do the same. My other servers all run Ensim Pro(4.3 and 10.1) and I would love to import to VirtualMin.

Except for a few minor issues, I find VirtualMin a lot more stable than my Ensim Boxes. Furthermore, unlike Ensim 10.x, VirtualMin is isolated from the OS.

Alain (TimeKeeper)

Hey guys,

Jamie is working on the import capability for Ensim domains now. The format looks a bit crazy (it’s seemingly a full system backup from the / directory–though it’s just a set of links), but I believe we’ll be able to find everything we need in it. It really seems like they could have left out the system level stuff (/proc, /usr/bin, /usr/sbin, etc.) since it is an identical set of links across all backups. But, at least they used standard UNIX tools to archive and compress it, so no serious complaints! :wink:

It’ll probably take a couple of iterations, working with Ensim users, to be sure we’re picking up all of the various settings that can be migrated, but I expect we’ll have rudimentary (i.e. better than nothing, but probably not perfect) support in the next Virtualmin virtual-server module version.

Additional question on Ensim Backups. I was wondering if the Ensim Import would also import the MySQL databases associated with the site/user? I dont’ remember which sites I provided you earlier, but if none had a MySQL Database included, I can provide a few that do if it will help out.


Hey Scott,

We’ll try to make the import as complete as possible, including databases.

The two backups from those you provided that I’ve looked at don’t have MySQL databases that I could find. I’ll try some of the others, and see if they have databases. If not, we will need to see a backup from a domain that does have a database in order to be able to know if we can restore it…it looks like it’s going to be a bit tricky, since Ensim probably doesn’t perform a restore compatible dump of the database. It looks like it’ll just include the raw database files…which won’t be loadable by anything other than the same version of MySQL. We may find you have to backup/restore the database separately via a proper dump/restore process (which is MySQL version agnostic). If Ensim doesn’t do a proper dump of the database, there won’t be any other safe way to restore it.

Received an e-mail from Jamie today, and provided him with a link to a site (backup file) that has a few users, and a mysql database. I have never opened up the tar.gz file, so I’m not sure how the database is backed up.

Thanks, you guys are awesome.

Hi all,

Just wanted to ping this thread to let everyone know that Ensim backups are now supported in the Migrate page.

Just further proof that Jamie is some kind of alien from another planet where software development is much much easier…I figured it would take him at least a couple of weeks. (Of course, I expect there will still be bugs discovered as users actually feed it real world data. Even aliens from the planet “It’sdonealready?” have to fix bugs.)

Anyone with Ensim systems still hanging around waiting for this day, give it a try and let us know what happens. Drop off any problems in the bug tracker, and we’ll get it wrapped up quick.