Imapsync and Dovecot issues

imapsync multiple errors - Mailbox doesn’t allow inferior mailboxes, UID inserted in the middle of mailbox

Tried to look at this official documentation as suggested by @calport but to no help

My current workaround is manual cp of tar.gz of all individual mail accounts over to respective /home/virtual_account/homes/invidual_email_account_prefix/Maildir

Any suggestions


imapsync FAQ suggests trying -

Q. Subfolders are not created by imapsync and the error is
   "Mailbox doesn't allow inferior mailboxes"

R. Dovecot usually supports subfolders with messages and subfolders,
   it's a Dovecot configuration issue.

If you can change the Dovecot configuration dovecot.conf, 
then try this:

mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir:LAYOUT=fs

See details at:

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