Images aren't showing up or uploading

I have an installl of virtualmin and some images aren’t showing up. Pages show the Red X for some images. I also can’t get the images to upload properly with my shopping cart. It just shows the place holder for the image. It worked fine on my other server without virtualmin.

I checked that GD was installed with php. Whatelse might I look for or try?


Are the images you’re having trouble with in Virtualmin itself, or are they part of a website being served through Apache?

If it’s an Apache website, you’d want to take a peek at the Apache error logs in $HOME/logs/error_log to see if any related errors are being generated.


Thanks so much for replying. Sorry to waste your time. I have discovered the problem. It was just coincidental that it was on two different sites that why I thought it was the server. It was bugs in to different scripts, go figure.
Thanks again.